Baby’s Toy Box Essentials: Picking the Best First Toys for Your Newborn

Baby’s Toy Box Essentials: Picking the Best First Toys for Your Newborn

Embarking on the parenting journey brings a galaxy of decisions, and picking the perfect first toys for your little star is definitely one of them. A baby toy subscription box can take the guess work out of choosing the best toys for your baby! Let's explore the Little Dreamer Box - filled stellar first playthings that will not only be fun but also align with developmental milestones, contributing to cognitive, sensory, and motor skill growth.


Hello, Contrast! 

Babies adore the visual feast of black and white. High-contrast toys, like a high contrast mobile or some black and white cards, aren’t just snazzy; they're fantastic for developing those peepers and keeping your baby visually engaged.





Rattle & Sounds Makers

Simple rattles or soft sound-making toys are fantastic for auditory development. They're easy for tiny hands to grasp and explore, fostering hand-eye coordination. Choose lightweight, easy-to-grasp toys that encourage voluntary movement and exploration, and gentle, calming sounds rather than overstimulating noises.




Bloom Buddy Stroller toy

Soft and Cuddly Companions

A plush, soft toy can be a baby's first buddy, offering comfort and a gentle introduction to textures. Plus, their high-contrast colors and varied textures are excellent for visual and tactile stimulation. Not sure which one to pick? Check our our Bloom Buddy Stroller Toy. 





Teething Toys

When those little chompers start making an appearance, teethers are lifesavers. Go for ones that are easy to hold, safe to chew, and soothing for sore gums.




3-in-1 PlaymatTummy Time Champions

Tummy time mats with mirrors, textures, and soft toys encourage physical development and are a great way to boost those all-important neck and shoulder muscles. Plus, sensory playmats offer tactile stimulation essential for sensory development.





Books: Baby’s First Page-Turners

Books with simple images and textures are like opening a door to a world of imagination and learning. They’re gentle, safe, and a cozy way to introduce storytelling.




An engaged caregiver!

Remember, the cherry on top of your baby's playtime isn't just the toys, but you! Your giggles, cuddles, and coos during play are the real magic makers. They turn simple toy time into extraordinary adventures in bonding and learning. So, while those first toys are fabulous tools, it’s your engaged and loving presence that truly lights up your little one’s world.




Remember, Less Is More!

You don’t need a toy store in your living room. A few thoughtfully chosen toys that cater to development, safety, and fun are all you need to set the stage for endless hours of exploration and smiles - and The Little Dreamer Box includes toys designed specifically for your baby's development!

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