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Does Your Baby Hate Tummy Time? Try These 4 Proven Tips

Tummy time is vital for your baby’s development, recommended by pediatricians to foster visual, motor, and sensory growth while strengthening neck, back, and head muscles. Despite its benefits, many babies are less than thrilled with tummy time. If your little one is not a fan, don’t worry—there are effective strategies designed by our early childhood and play expert Sarah Szuminski to make tummy time more enjoyable and beneficial.


1. Face-to-Face Tummy Time: Enhancing Baby’s Social and Physical Development

Nothing captures a baby’s attention quite like a loving face. During tummy time, lay down directly in front of your baby or position a baby-safe mirror beside them. This interaction not only draws their interest but also encourages them to lift and strengthen their neck, making the most of tummy time. Engaging directly with smiles and conversation can enhance their mood and lengthen the duration of tummy time.


2. Use a Tummy Time Pillow or a towel for Comfortable Tummy Time

Comfort is key in making tummy time appealing. Use a tummy time pillow like the one included in the Little Giggler Box to provide gentle elevation and support. Alternatively tightly roll a towel and place it under baby's chest to provide extra support. This helps your baby comfortably lift their head and shoulders, reducing frustration and making it easier for them to engage with their surroundings. Such support can transform tummy time from a challenge to an enjoyable activity.


3. Visual Stimulation During Tummy Time: Engaging with Colorful Books

Arrange visually stimulating, colorful books in a semi-circle around your baby. This setup not only makes the environment inviting but also motivates your baby to turn their head and explore visually, working those important neck muscles while keeping them entertained.


4. Try Alternative Tummy Time Positions to Engage Your Newborn

Traditional tummy time isn’t the only way to develop those crucial muscles. Laying your baby on your chest or incorporating tummy time while babywearing are comfortable alternatives that still promote muscle development and provide the benefits of tummy time without the usual resistance.


Why Vary Your Tummy Time Approach?

Different strategies ensure that tummy time is a positive experience, allowing your baby to reap the developmental benefits without stress. Each of these methods not only supports physical development but also enhances sensory experiences and cognitive growth. Adapting tummy time to better suit your baby’s preferences ensures they gain these essential advantages in a joyful and nurturing way.


Implement these varied approaches to discover what makes tummy time enjoyable for your baby. With persistence and patience, and by using supportive tools like the tummy time pillow from the Little Giggler Box, you can turn tummy time into a delightful daily activity that both you and your baby look forward to.


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