Developmental Baby Toy Boxes for the First Year and Beyond

Explore the developmental toys in each Little Bloomer Play Box and learn how they support your baby’s development and growth every step of the way

  • 3-in-1 Playmat

    It’s not just a play mat; it’s a baby’s wonderland, designed to support your little one as they wiggle, giggle, and grow. This mat encourages cognitive thinking, sensory development, gross motor skills, visual stimulation, and independent play.

    Why it's important?

    Our playmat supports crucial physical and cognitive developmental milestones, helping your baby grow stronger and more confident in their abilities.

  • Jiggle Booties

    Get ready for auditory excitement and a whole lot of wiggling fun! These booties are more than just cute – they're a cause-and-effect treat for your baby. Every kick and wiggle brings a delightful jingle, making those tiny toes the stars of the show!

    Why it's important?

    Jiggle Booties provide an engaging way for your baby to develop essential motor skills, all while having fun with each adorable kick and jiggle.

  • Soft Mirror

    Our vibrant mirror is perfect for tummy time or playtime, allowing your little one to explore their own reflection in a fun and engaging way. The soft frame makes it easy to handle and safe for little hands, providing endless hours of play and learning.

    Why it's important?

     The Soft Mirror helps your baby build self-awareness, visual skills, and motor abilities through playful exploration and interaction.

  • High Contrast Mobile

    Our Mobile isn’t just a toy; it’s a tool designed to captivate and enhance your baby’s developing vision right from the start. Just lay down your little one, cozy on a soft blanket, and let them gaze up at the intriguing shapes and patterns suspended above.

    Why it's important?

    This mobile supports the development of crucial visual and sensory skills, helping your baby engage with their surroundings and build concentration.

  • soft stroller toy from the Newborn developmental toy box subscription Little Dreamer Box from Little Bloomer

    Bloom Buddy Stroller Toy

    Meet your baby’s new cheerful companion for every outing. This colorful, soft flower friend easily attaches to your stroller, car seat, or diaper bag. It’s also a cuddly companion, perfect for fostering that special bond and providing comfort wherever baby is.

    Why it's important?

    The Bloom Buddy Stroller Toy makes outings an opportunity for growth, supporting sensory, motor, and social-emotional development while offering comfort and companionship.

  • Peek a Bloom Book

    Did you know you can start reading to your little one right from the start?Designed with high-contrast patterns and soft textures, this sturdy book is perfect for tiny hands to explore. Each page turn reveals delightful surprises that stimulate your baby’s senses and encourage early cognitive development.

    Why it's important?

    The Peek a Bloom Board Book fosters a love of reading while supporting your baby’s cognitive, visual, and sensory development, making it a perfect companion for early learning and exploration.

  • Little Learner Links

    The Little Learner Links are the perfect multipurpose toy for your baby's early development. These colorful, textured links can be connected and pulled apart, providing endless fun and learning opportunities. They are ideal for teething, gripping, and exploring different textures.

    Why it's important?

    Little Learner Links support your baby’s fine motor skills, sensory development, and hand-eye coordination, making them a versatile and essential toy for early growth and exploration.

  • High Contrast Cards

    Introduce your baby to the world of visual exploration. The bold, black-and-white patterns will captivate your baby’s attention and stimulate their developing vision. Perfect for tummy time or on-the-go, these cards are a must-have for early visual development.

    Why it's important?

    High Contrast Cards support your baby’s visual and cognitive development, providing essential stimulation that helps strengthen their vision and attention skills, making early learning both fun and effective.

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  • Bloom Buddy Play Pillow

    No more cries during tummy time! This soft, cushioned pillow features colorful characters and engaging textures that capture your baby’s interest. With attached toys for added fun, it’s perfect for encouraging your baby to lift their head and strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles.

    Why it's important?

    It supports your baby’s physical development by making tummy time more comfortable and engaging. It helps build the muscles necessary for crawling and sitting, while also providing sensory stimulation and interactive play.

  • soft baby book from Little Giggler developmental toy subscription box

    Touch &Tell Texture Book

    Our texture book is an interactive and sensory-rich experience for your baby. Each page of this soft book features different textures and vibrant colors designed to stimulate your baby’s senses and encourage exploration, promoting early learning through touch and feel play.

    Why it's important?

    The Touch & Tell Texture Book engages your baby’s sense of touch and sight, promoting sensory development and curiosity. It helps build early cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination, making it an essential tool for your baby’s growth and exploration.

  • developmental baby ball from Little Giggler developmental toy subscription box

    Plush-n-Grip Ball

    The Plush-n-Grip Ball is designed to delight your baby’s senses and boost their motor skills. With its vibrant colors and high-contrast patterns, this ball is perfect for little hands to grasp. Gentle squeaks and crinkles add an extra layer of sensory fun, making it an irresistible toy for your curious baby.

    Why it's important?

    The Plush-n-Grip Ball promotes your baby’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills through playful exploration. Its engaging design encourages tactile discovery and interactive play, supporting your baby’s physical and sensory development while keeping them entertained and engaged.

  • soft baby rattle from Little Giggler developmental toy subscription box

    Petal Pal Rattle

    Our rattle combines the charm of a plush toy with the engaging sound of a rattle. Its soft petals and friendly face capture your baby’s heart, while the wooden ring is easy for little hands to grasp and shake. The gentle sound promotes auditory development and keeps your baby entertained.

    Why it's important?

    It offers a multi-sensory experience that stimulates your baby’s hearing, touch, and vision. Its unique combination of soft textures and pleasant sounds encourages your baby to explore and interact, promoting curiosity and joy in their early developmental stages.

  • yellow lovey from Little Giggler developmental toy subscription box

    Soft Lovey

    The Soft Lovey is a comforting and cuddly companion designed to provide your baby with a sense of security and warmth. Made from ultra-soft materials, this Lovey isn't just a toy; it's a snuggly source of comfort, ready to be by your little one's side through every giggle, nap, and adventure.

    Why it's important?

    The Soft Lovey offers emotional comfort and helps your baby feel secure, especially during transitions or when they need to self-soothe. Its soft texture and engaging design also promote tactile development and provide a familiar object of comfort.

  • Soothing Sky Teether

    A must-have for your teething baby. Shaped like a friendly cloud, this teether is made from safe, BPA-free plastic, providing a gentle and soothing surface for your baby to chew on. Its textured design offers relief to sore gums and keeps your baby engaged.

    Why it's important?

    Our teether provides essential relief during the teething phase, helping to soothe your baby’s discomfort and promoting oral development. Its safe, easy-to-hold design ensures your baby can independently use it to find comfort whenever needed.

  • rattle and teether from Little Giggler developmental toy subscription box

    Bubble Rattle & Teether

    The Bubble Rattle & Teether is a versatile toy that combines the fun of a rattle with the soothing relief of a teether. Its vibrant beads and natural wooden rings create a delightful sound that captures your baby’s attention, while the chewable beads provide comfort for teething gums

    Why it's important?

    The Bubble Rattle & Teether supports your baby’s sensory development and offers a dual function that keeps them engaged and soothed. Its safe, easy-to-hold design encourages independent play and provides much-needed teething relief.

  • Advanced High Contrast Cards

    Each card is adorned with bold, intricate patterns and charming images that are sure to captivate and stimulate your baby’s developing vision. Perfect for tummy time or engaging play, these cards keep your little one fascinated and focused.

    Why it's important?

     The Advanced High Contrast Cards are designed to enhance your baby’s visual and cognitive development. The detailed patterns and images help improve focus and attention, making early learning a visually exciting and stimulating experience.

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Hear it from our happy parents

"When I first opened it I didn’t really love the mobile, but it became my baby’s favorite, therefore quickly becoming my favorite! All the toys are cute and feel like they are good quality, excited for my second box!"

Sarah C.

"So many colorful and different toys. Love how each toy can be used beyond their age group!"

Camille B.

The toys are so cute, and I love that it comes with a bag to keep it all in too!

Kath T.

I thought the 3-in-1 play mat would be too small at first, but it's the perfect size for my newborn. We even take it with us when we visit nana!

Megan G.
Newborn developmental baby toy box by Little Bloomer

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