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The Little Grasper Box - Prepay & Save

The Little Grasper Box - Prepay & Save

6-9 Months

Unleash your baby’s curiosity with the Little Grasper Box, our developmental baby toy box for ages 6 to 9 months. Watch your little one stack, sort, and explore, mastering movement, problem-solving, and cause and effect. Each box is designed to spark joy and promote essential developmental milestones, making playtime both fun and educational.

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  • soft plush stacker from the Little Grasper developmental toy subscription box for baby 6 to 9 months old

    Soft Stacker

    Problem Solving Skills
    Fine Motor Skills

    Each ring is a fluffy, squishy delight in eye-catching colors, perfect for tiny hands to hug and stack. Atop sits a cheery plush friend, waiting to share smiles and stories. This stacker isn't just a tower of softness; it's a gentle introduction to coordination and sequencing for your little learner. Let's stack, snuggle, and soar into sensory play!

  • Rolling Rainbow

    Motor Skills
    Imaginative Play

    Our Rolling Rainbow is a vibrant, wooden toy car that’s as delightful to look at as it is to play with. Featuring a beautifully arched rainbow on a sturdy wooden base, this toy is designed to spark joy and creativity in little ones. With its smooth-rolling wheels and cheerful colors, it’s bound to become a favorite in no time!

  • Stacking cups from the Little Grasper developmental toy subscription box for baby 6 to 9 months old

    Stack-n-Bloom Cups

    Trial & Error
    Fine Motor Skills

    These colorful stacking cups are perfect for developing coordination and color awareness, with the added twist of being bath-time favorites. Topped with a friendly, squeezable bath buddy, they're designed for hands-on fun and easy gripping. Dive into stackable adventures or make a splash at bath time with these versatile, joyful cups.

  • baby puppet from the Little Grasper developmental toy subscription box for baby 6 to 9 months old

    Puppet Pal

    Imaginative Play

    This plush puppet is a bouquet of fun, featuring a soft, green body and colorful petal accents that make every interaction bloom with imagination. It's not just a puppet; it's a storytelling companion, ready to bring garden tales to life and nurture your little one's creativity and communication skills

  • My First Words Flash Cards

    Early Literacy

    Vibrant colors, cheerful illustrations, and big, bold words turn learning into a playful adventure. Linked by a kid-proof ring, these sturdy cards are perfect for little hands to grasp and flip. They're your child's fun-packed passport to a world of new words, sparking giggles and growth with each card. Ready, set, learn!

  • Ball Drop Box

    Object Permanence
    Cause and effect

    Our Wooden Ball Drop Box is a timeless treasure designed to bring joy and developmental benefits to your little one. Made from high-quality, sustainable wood, this toy is as durable as it is delightful. Watch as your child’s eyes light up with wonder when they drop the ball into the box and see it reappear on the tray. It's pure magic! Plus, it's foldable for easy storage :)

  • sensory balls from the Little Grasper developmental toy subscription box for baby 6 to 9 months old

    Sensory Balls

    Motor Skills
    Sensory Exploration

    Three balls, each with a unique texture and vibrant hue, are designed for little hands to squeeze, roll, and discover. They're the perfect pals for tactile learning and motor skill development, making every touch a new adventure

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When will The Little Grasper Box be available?

In just a couple of months! We are currently busy making it perfect for your little one. Make sure to sign up for our emails and we'll let you know as soon as it's available (or even before!)

What is the Little Grasper Box?

The Little Grasper Box is a curated collection of developmental baby toys designed for babies aged 6 to 9 months. It includes toys that promote sensory exploration, motor skills, and cognitive development.

What toys are included in the Little Grasper Box?

The box includes Stack-n-Bloom Cups, My First Words Flash Cards, Sensory Balls, Soft Stacker, a Puppet Pal, baby's first rolling vehicle and a ball drop box!

How do the toys in the Little Grasper Box support my baby’s development?

Each toy is selected to enhance sensory, motor, language, social-emotional and cognitive skills, helping your baby reach important developmental milestones through play.

 Is the Little Grasper Box safe for my baby?

Yes, you can subscribe to receive new boxes every 3 months, ensuring your baby always has age-appropriate toys that support their development.

How do I know if the Little Grasper Box is right for my baby?

The Little Grasper Box is designed for babies aged (or with an adjusted age) of 6 to 9 months. If your baby falls within this age range, the toys will be appropriate for their developmental stage. If you're not totally sure, just reach out via chat and we'll be happy to help!

Can I order just one Play Box or do I need to subscribe?

You have the flexibility to order just one Play Box without subscribing. Just Pick "One-Time" on the product page.
This option is great for those who want to experience the magic of Little Bloomer without a longer-term commitment. It’s perfect for a special treat or a unique gift!

Can I send the Little Grasper Box as a gift?

Yes, Little Bloomer play boxes make great newborn and baby gifts. Just head to the gift page to send one or several Little Bloomer boxes as a gift.

What if my baby doesn’t like a toy in the box?

We aim to include a variety of toys to delight and engage your baby. If your baby is not engaging with one of the toys, reach out to us on Instagram (@littlebloomerbaby) or at and we'll send you new ideas of activities you can do with the toys and your baby!

Is shipping included in the price of the Little Grasper Box?

Yes! Shipping is always FREE to the US and Canada.

How do I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription through your account on our website. If you need assistance, just reach out to!

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