How to Play with Your Newborn: Top 3 Activities to Help Reach Physical Milestones

How to Play with Your Newborn: Top 3 Activities to Help Reach Physical Milestones

Welcoming a newborn into the world marks the beginning of a magical journey filled with firsts, including the joyous exploration of play. Here, we dive into three specific activities using items from the Little Dreamer box or similar household items, to support your baby’s early physical development in a fun, engaging way.


1. Tummy Time Exploration


Objective:  Strengthen neck, shoulder, and arm muscles.


How to Play:

  • Materials: 3-in-1 play mat from the Little Dreamer Box, high-contrast flashcards.
  • Spread out the soft play mat on a safe, flat surface and place your baby on their tummy.
  • Surround them with high-contrast flashcards to catch their attention. These cards are designed with newborns' vision in mind, encouraging them to lift their heads and engage with the visuals.
  • Keep sessions short, about 3-5 minutes, and gradually increase as your baby shows more interest and strength.


Benefits: This activity not only builds physical strength but also visual tracking skills, laying the foundation for future motor skills like crawling and walking.



2. Gentle Leg Presses for Happy Tummies


Objective: Assist with digestion and introduce leg movements.


How to Play:

  • Materials: Soft blanket, colorful ball
  • Lay your baby on their back on a soft blanket, holding a colorful ball just above their feet.
  • Gently guide your baby’s feet to press against the ball, mimicking a pushing motion. This interaction helps them discover how to use their legs while also providing gentle pressure on the abdomen to aid digestion.
  • Sing a song or talk to your baby to keep them engaged and happy during the activity.

Benefits: Enhances leg strength and coordination, while the gentle pressure on the tummy can help alleviate gas pains, promoting a happy, comfortable baby.



3. Swaying Dance with Visual Tracking


Objective: Stimulate balance and visual tracking.


How to Play:

  • Materials: A colorful scarf, soothing music.
  • Hold your baby securely in your arms, supporting their head and neck.
  • Drape the colorful scarf over one shoulder to catch your baby's eye. As you gently sway and dance to the music, let the scarf flow and move to create visual interest.
  • The soft music and rhythmic movements provide a calming effect, while the visual stimulation of the scarf encourages visual tracking and awareness.


Benefits: This gentle dance fosters emotional bonding, vestibular balance stimulation, and sensory development. The movement and visual tracking of the colorful scarf enhance your baby's sensory integration and cognitive development.


Engaging in these activities fosters not only physical development but also a deeper bond between you and your newborn. Each item in the Little Dreamer Box is thoughtfully chosen to support your baby’s growth and exploration of the world around them. As you guide your little one through these playful moments, you’re laying the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and discovery. Remember, the most important ingredient in these activities is your loving presence and interaction. Enjoy these precious moments of growth and exploration together.

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