Little Bloomer’s Weekly Playdate: Baby & Newborn Activities for Brain Boosting

Little Bloomer’s Weekly Playdate: Baby & Newborn Activities for Brain Boosting

Try these simple play ideas to engage with your baby or toddler. Each activity in this week’s play date is packed with fun ways to build cognitive skills through play! Whether it’s water play, grasping new toys, or singing together, these activities help your little one develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and memory skills—all while having a blast! 


0 to 3 Months: Multi-Sensory Play

Cognitive Milestone: looks at toy for multiple seconds

Activity: Ignite your baby's sense of wonder with a captivating soft toy that has textures and makes a sound, like the Little Bloomer Stroller Buddy! Hold the toy on either side of your baby’s head and give it a gentle shake to see if they turn to locate the source of the sound, fostering early auditory awareness. Slowly move the toy within their line of vision, encouraging them to track its movement with wide-eyed curiosity. As they hone their tracking skills, place the toy near their tiny hands to stimulate their grasp reflex, inviting them to explore the intriguing textures. 

3 to 6 Months: Water Play

Cognitive Milestone: Explores different textures with hands

Activity: Introduce your baby to their very first sensory adventure with this delightful water play activity! Begin by filling a rimmed baking sheet with a shallow layer of water, then place it on a towel on the floor. Position your baby on their tummy with their hands gently immersed in the water. Enhance the experience by adding a cheerful rubber duck for them to observe as they delight in splashing, pushing, and feeling the water with their hands. Remember: close supervision is essential whenever your baby explores water or other sensory materials. 

6 to 9 Months: Grasping Game

Cognitive Milestone: reaches to grab object with hands

Activity: Hand your baby one small toy, such as a ball or a block, and then hand them a second toy. Once they are grasping two toys, introduce a third toy into the mix. Will your little one attempt to juggle all three toys in their hands? Or will they opt for a different strategy? This playful activity sparks problem-solving skills. As time goes on, your baby will learn to set down one toy before reaching for another, mastering the art of multitasking!



9 to 12 Months: Baby Obstacle Course

Cognitive Milestone: responds to simple directions

Activity: Play simple games with toys you have that encourage direction following. Set up an obstacle course with some couch cushions and the Play Tunnel, sit your baby on one side and move to the other side, saying “come here!” You can also try simple games with toys such as rolling, dropping, or passing toys back and forth.

12 to 15 Months: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Cognitive Milestone: points to body parts

Activity: Sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” with your toddler as you practice poignant to different body parts. If they enjoy singing and pointing, add new words to the song, such as “feet, tummy, arms and chins” or “hands, fingers, legs, and lips.” This interactive exercise not only enhances vocabulary but also promotes body awareness and communication skills in your little one.



15 to 18 Months: Dining Table Hideaway

Cognitive Milestone: plays pretend

Activity: Transform the space beneath your dining room table into an enchanting hideaway for your toddler! Deck it out with cozy pillows and scatter their favorite toys to create a cozy retreat reminiscent of their very own house. This imaginative play area not only sparks creativity but also fosters important play skills as your little one explores and interacts within their newfound space.

18 to 24 Months: Color Sort

Cognitive Milestone: Begins to sort by type

Activity: Engage your toddler in a colorful sorting adventure with this fun and educational activity! Grab a muffin tin and gather an assortment of pouch lids or pom poms in various colors. Encourage your little one to match each lid or pom pom to the corresponding section of the muffin tin based on its color. This hands-on sorting activity not only enhances color recognition but also strengthens fine motor skills as your toddler picks up and places each item in its designated spot. Remember: please use close supervision when playing with small pieces such as pouch lids or pom poms.

These simple activities will help support your baby or toddler as they build their cognitive skills and grow in their understanding of the world. Playing, reading, and talking with your baby is essential to helping them grow and learn!

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