Little Bloomer's Weekly Playdate :  Language Development Play Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Little Bloomer's Weekly Playdate : Language Development Play Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Need new ideas to play with your baby this week? We got you! 

We've crafted a series of playful activities tailored for children from birth to 24 months. Each activity is designed to highlight a specific communication milestone, turning everyday moments into opportunities for growth and learning. We love supporting you as you help your little one grow and learn!

0 to 3 Months: Music Exposure

Communication Milestone: Sound Awareness

Activity: Discover the enchanting world of music with your newborn by finding a cozy corner in your home where you can sit comfortably with your little one. Choose a selection of soft, melodic tunes or gentle rhythms to play in the background. As the music fills the air, gently sway or rock with your baby, allowing them to feel the subtle vibrations and rhythms. Don’t worry about singing or talking while you enjoy the music, simply moving your little one along with the music will help expose them to new sounds and rhythm! 



3 to 6 Months: Copy Cat

Communication Milestone: Imitates sounds

Activity: Try this delightful language game with your 3-6 month-old! Sit facing your baby and listen closely as they make adorable sounds like "ma" or "ba." With a big smile, mimic the sounds back to them, giving them time to respond again. Encourage your little one to keep chatting away, enjoying the back-and-forth interaction. This playful activity not only strengthens their language development but also fosters bonding and communication between you and your baby. 



6 to 9 Months: Hello, Goodbye!

Communication Milestone: Uses gestures

Activity: Get ready for a cheerful game of greeting with your baby! Sit facing your little one and encourage them to practice saying and waving hi and bye. Lead by example, waving and saying hi to stuffed animals, toys, the sun, trees, pets, and anything else around you. Help your baby to use their own hand to wave “hello” and “bye bye” to favorite objects. This playful activity not only introduces them to the concept of social interaction but also fosters language development and strengthens their connection with the world around them. 


9 to 12 Months: Clap Along Game

Communication Milestone: Imitates gestures

Activity: Boost your baby's language development with a rhythmic clapping activity! Choose a favorite kids song, like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and sing it with enthusiasm, clapping your hands along to the beat. Encourage your little one to join in by clapping along with you. As you clap and sing together, you're not only fostering their language skills but also enhancing their sense of rhythm and coordination. This joyful activity creates a fun and engaging way for your baby to learn new words and concepts while bonding with you through the magic of music. 


12 to 15 Months: Favorite Book Basket

Communication Milestone: Says 5 - 10 words

Activity: Immerse your child in the enchanting world of books to foster their early vocabulary development. Create a cozy reading nook by gathering books featuring simple, real-life pictures and placing them in a basket alongside your child's toys. Throughout the day, engage in shared reading sessions, pointing out objects and gently naming them aloud. Encourage your child to participate by giving them ample time to repeat or interact with the words you're saying. These enriching moments not only expand their vocabulary but also nurture a love for reading and language exploration.



15 to 18 Months: Can You? Game

Cognitive Milestone: Following Directions

Activity: Transform playtime into an interactive adventure with the engaging "Can You" game for toddlers! This delightful activity encourages communication and comprehension skills as your little one embarks on exciting missions. Start by using simple one-step directions such as "Can you touch your head?" or "Can you find your shoes?" Watch with delight as your toddler eagerly sets off on a treasure hunt around the room, searching for the specified item. Encourage them with enthusiasm and praise as they successfully complete each task. 



18 to 24 Months: Favorite Animal Book

Communication Milestone: names or points to objects

Activity: Toddlers love identifying animals and the sounds they make. Why not help grow your little one’s vocabulary by making a personalized animal book together! Grab paper, markers, crayons, stickers, and any other craft supplies you have on hand. Cut pictures of animals from magazines or print some of your child’s favorite animals. Put one animal on each page of the book, then bind it by punching a hole in a corner and tying it with ribbon or yarn. “Read” the book together by talking about the animals, the sounds they make, and how they move! 

These simple activities will help support your baby or toddler on the journey to language and communication. Remember, every child develops at their own pace, so let your child's curiosity and interests guide these playful learning experiences. Enjoy these precious moments of discovery and connection, celebrating each small step and giggle along the way.

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