Meet our Founder!

As a mom of two, Sarah Breitenother is no stranger to the whirlwind of early parenthood. When her eldest daughter arrived, Sarah, like many new parents, was clueless about how to best support her baby’s development! When her pediatrician advised working on gross motor skills but gave no concrete examples, Sarah felt totally overwhelmed and confused—a feeling all too familiar for many parents.

That’s when the idea for Little Bloomer was born! Sarah wanted to take the guesswork out of playtime and make it a breeze. Little Bloomer doesn’t just provide the perfect toys; it offers clear, fun guidance on activities that help your little one grow. Because parenting is a big job, but playtime should be all about fun, not stress.

Meet our Play Expert!

With a Masters In Early Childhood Education and a background in helping families embrace play with their children, Sarah Szuminski brings her passion for play to Little Bloomer. She makes it her mission to help parents discover their role in playful learning.
From thoughtful toy selection and display to breaking down the 'why' behind play behaviors to encouraging families to get playful - she is passionate about bringing fun back to playtime!

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We're here to bring joy, support, and laughter throughout your parenthood journey, one playful moment at a time. Welcome to the Little Bloomer family , where every moment is a chance to bloom, giggle, and grow. Welcome to our family!