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Make the gift of convenience and fun for little ones and their parents. Each Little Bloomer box is packed with all the toys they'll need for every phase of development, making playtime a breeze throughout their early years.

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    Select the number of boxes you'd like to gift. We offer just 1 box, 2 boxes or a full year worth of boxes! If you select 2 or more boxes, the recipient will receive a new box, every 3 months.

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  • Baby Shower Gift

    Find the perfect baby shower gift with the Little Bloomer Box, a carefully curated collection of developmental toys that align with early milestones. It's a thoughtful, practical present that supports a baby's growth, making it an ideal choice for new parents who value meaningful and educational gifts.

  • Newborn Gift

    Gift a warm welcome to a newborn with the Little Dreamer Box, specially designed to meet the early developmental needs of new arrivals. This delightful box is packed with handpicked, baby-safe toys that stimulate senses and foster growth from the very start. It's the ideal gift for new parents, offering them a set of educational tools that help lay the foundation for a baby's learning journey.

  • Holiday Gift

    Start the holidays with a thoughtful touch by choosing a Little Bloomer Box, the perfect customizable gift for young families. Parents can select the most suitable box for their child's developmental stage and decide the best time for delivery, ensuring it fits perfectly into their holiday celebrations.

What’s in a Little Bloomer box?

It's the perfect present for baby showers and beyond! Each box is packed with all the toys they’ll need:

🌸 Up to 8 fun and carefully curated toys every quarter, designed for each child’s specific stage of development.

🌸 Parents get access to the Little Bloomer app, bursting with play tips, expert insights, and toy guides to help make the most of every playtime moment.

🌸 100% happiness guaranteed

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